Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us about support issues, please familiarize yourself with these frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question on this list, we encourage you to reach us through our contact page for support.

How long until an order starts?

We start processing and setting up an order as soon as we receive it. You should usually find an email receipt in your inbox soon after purchase and an additional order confirmation email from us within hours of your purchase. From there, it usually takes about 24-72 hours to see more growth from our service

Is this service safe to use?

Yes. AlphaLikes will have no negative impact on your account's good standing. We have never had a customer account banned or removed from using our services.

Are these real Facebook likes?

Yes. Our Facebook likes come from human promotion sent to real Facebook users and are not created with software or other negative techqniques.

Can AlphaLikes promote a post or a photo?

Yes, we can help you out with this. Please place a normal order and make sure to include the full URL of the item you wish to promote. If you're having trouble finding the full URL, usually clicking on the date underneath the post (even though it doesn't look like a link) might help.

How does this process work?

We have an extensive network of popular Facebook pages, websites, and PR contacts. We can effectively promote your page to a wide audience and do not stop inviting people to check out your page until we hit your Facebook likes goal.

Can I order more than one package?

Yes! You may also run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Would anybody know if I use your service?

Never. We do not reveal any details about our customers without your personal permission. We will never use your name in any advertisement or testimonial without this.

Can I split my order between multiple pages?

It is our policy that each order can only apply to one URL. If you have a large number of pages to promote or run a marketing agency of some sort and would like to talk with us, we're very happy to do so and try and accommodate your custom needs.

How can I benefit from this service?

Having very few "Likes" on Facebook and other social platforms can indicate a lack of credibility. To visitors that are checking out your page for the first time, it can look like your product or website appears to be fairly new and not yet reputable. AlphaLikes increases your overall number of fans and rapidly increases your social network visibility with our large network of visitors. Studies prove that an increased social presence can also benefit website rankings and brand exposure.

Are these likes targeted?

Our promotion is generally targeted to active US, UK, Canadian, and Australian Facebook users. Some of our other largest markets for our Facebook marketing services are France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Argentina, and Italy. If you have any specific requests and wish to provide us with additional targeting information about your page, please send this information to us in the live chat below, or send it to us in our contact form when you place an order.

Does AlphaLikes require my account password?

Of course not. That is private information that we would never ask you. We don't require any password or access to your accounts. All of the likes you gain are with no admin access necessary.

Where can I see the status of my order?

Please use our live chat service on the bottom of every page on our website to inquire about any questions that you have about your order or please use our contact page to send us a message.