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Starting 2015 The Right Way

Published by on 01/19/2015 |

The start of a new year is usually pretty slow for many businesses. Not only is the weather cold to the point that some people don't go out as much as they usually do during warmer months, but people are still recovering from Christmas and New Year's celebrations and businesses are also tending to rest up after a busy Holiday sales period. You can either use this extra time to slack off on Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit, or you can use this extra time to drive your business forward. The good news for you, as a forward-thinking person with vision, is that you can see that this is an opportune time to work on things that other people might neglect and get ahead of your competitors. You can start off 2015 on the right foot and come out much better for having expended this effort.

Don't Put Off A Spring Cleaning Until Spring

A slow time period is great for getting some annoying or unpleasant tasks out of the way. Traditionally a yearly spring cleaning is done during the spring, but if you've got some extra time you may as well look into some of this stuff.

  • Make sure your social media links are all accurate and not broken and all linked together.
  • Test Your website and make certain that everything works. It's really easy for a minor design change you did a few months ago to put a Christmas Sale banner on your site to break some other aspect of your website and you won't know about it if you're not testing.
  • Make sure your contact information on all of your pages is up to date. Nothing is worth than making it difficult for a customer who wants help with something to feel frustrated.
  • Inspect your social media with a critical eye towards improving your content. Put yourself in your visitors' shoes and ask yourself how you can improve your content and give visitors real value when they decide to click on your links.
  • Look at your writing idea list and see if there's a good idea on there you can write about that will provide value for your customers. Sometimes revisiting an old idea that you thought was lame might end up being the best idea you have with a minor little twist on the concept.
  • Examine your processes for coming up with ideas, creating and scheduling and posting content, and see if there's a way to make things more efficient and easier for yourself. This will make it even easier to motivate yourself to contribute on a daily basis.

Work on your yearly marketing plan

Whether you decide to do email-marketing, work on content creation and marketing, buy Facebook likes, cold-call your way to success, buy online ads, use search marketing, do social media contests, or even something else entirely, you really need to work on some kind of plan. That means looking at what you've done in the past and seeing how that's worked out for you, examining your analytics and reports to figure out what brings the biggest return on investment, and then coming up with new ideas to try based on that. You don't necessarily need to have the biggest marketing budget in the world to plan to try a few new things every few months and see what works out well for your specific business.

Don't Put It Off Until Tomorrow

It's very easy for any small business to put off some vital tasks until tomorrow. It's as easy to make excuses for neglecting your business growth strategies as it is to make excuses for straying from your dieting new year's resolution. Today is the perfect time to work and plan for a better tomorrow.