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Using Social Media For Christmas Marketing

Published by on 10/09/2014 |

Many businesses slow down when it's cold outside. For example, people aren't clamoring for frozen smoothies when it's so cold outside that you could make ice-cubes. But for many retailers and online stores, the Christmas and Holiday gift-giving season is one of the most important things that can make or break their business. A strong holiday season can sustain them throughout an entire year. A bad holiday season can put any retail outlet in jeopardy. So it's no surprise that businesses spend a lot of time and energy planning for the holidays and marketing their stores both through traditional and social media.

Use Hashtags to your benefit

Funny Hashtags are not just a Twitter thing anymore. Facebook is taking more and more steps to help users find popular and trending content. Can you come up with a funny hashtag that benefits your company and has a chance to go viral? Can you come up with a funny joke about spending your gift giving money on yourself to increase sales? Can you use peoples' sense of nostalgia and the emotions that come with remembering past holidays with family members to encourage them to buy your product?

More Holiday Facebook Post Ideas

Big brands have entire teams full of branding and identity experts, social media marketing managers, teams of software developers, and other experts to throw unimaginable resources into creating the perfect holiday campaign. You likely don't have those resources, but you can look at how brands have previously engaged with people as inspiration. In past years, for example, Coca Cola had created a Christmas Sweater Generator to amuse people and get them to spend time on their site. Nokia had created a #HolidayRealness hashtag where they encouraged people to tell others about their Christmas traditions. Using these types of ideas, you can certainly come up with a few interesting ideas on how to better position your brand to capture some viral attention online. Sometimes, something as simple as a funny Christmas themed flash game can go viral and capture some attention.

The Time Is Now

Many people wait for Black Friday Sales (November 28th in 2014) to start their Christmas gift shopping. Some people wait for the drive home from Church on Christmas morning to do this deed. Whether you're one of the early or late people, or somewhere in between, the time for businesses to start preparing their Holiday marketing is now. Using any of the ideas in your social media idea list, you should be preparing some attention-getting content that people will love, share with their friends, and be compelled to shop at your website or business. Using our service to buy Facebook likes and gain a larger audience in advance of the holidays can also be a wise strategy. Putting it all together takes hours of work, experimentation, analysis, and determination, but the results can be very rewarding.