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Social Media Pro Tip: Maintain An Idea List

Published by on 08/19/2014 |

One of the most important things that we've continuously been recommending to our clients is to continuously be posting interesting new content on your social media pages. Any amount of advertising, whether it's Facebook ads or some third-party marketing service like, can help you get more likes on your page. But in order to create a genuinely thriving community full of people who are excited about your brand and even go out of their way to praise you and advocate for your brand, you need to offer your followers some kind of benefit. To do that, you need to frequently post interesting, humorous, informative, or other valuable content on your page. But if it was that easy, everybody would be creating brilliant pages. Why aren't they?.

Busy businesses abandon blogging and social media

It takes a significant amount of hard work to run any business. A small local firm that doesn't have a social media manager (and at a small size, most don't) usually depends on the owner to either create and post content or delegate the responsibility to an untrained and inexperienced employee who already is busy with other responsibilities or a third party social media management firm to define and implement a long-term social media strategy that excites and motivates people. In most firms, the reality of the hard work of updating a social media page with new content daily quickly sets in and soon the steady flow of new content dwindles and disappears.

The Solution Is A Structured System

The solution to this natural tendency to run out of steam is to have some kind of system in place to plan out the creation and consistent posting of new content. Whether you just set up a Google Document that you and employees can edit and post ideas for future posts, or you research different apps that let you create a full blow editorial calendar, having some sort of actual system in place to plan out the creation and posting of content to your social media accounts instills a sense of discipline within you.

Get In the Habit Of Writing Ideas Down

Inspiration is often very random. You might notice that somebody is wearing a bright red shirt. Then you might think to yourself that cherries are red. And then you might think of some cool post idea involving cherries or something else red. Write that sucker down! Maybe the idea is good or maybe it's bad. Sleep on it. But you'll forget it without writing it down. Then when you're having trouble coming up with post ideas for your social media content, you can look at your list for inspiration. Having this structure in place and getting in the mindset of constantly writing down ideas can help you significantly improve the quality of your social media content. When you combine this with targeted advertising services, this combined effort can do wonders for your fanpage's popularity and engagement.