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Have you created any social media content today?

Published by on 08/10/2014 |

This question is a bit of self-reflection to anybody reading it. Have you created any social media content for your business today? Advertising on Facebook can help you get more likes on your Facebook page. But as beneficial and necessary as advertising is, advertising alone can't help make people fall in love with you, help you create brand advocates, or even help you increase your social media engagement. To do that, your page needs to have some quality content that people will read, comment on, like, and share with their friends.

Excuses Are Easy To Make

Everybody out there knows somebody who has started a diet on January 1 as their New Years resolution. But shortly afterwards they've neglected it and it's been completely forgotten within a few weeks. This happens all too often with social media or new blogs as well. People start them, but don't have the discipline to follow through. It's very easy for any business to forget about social media when life gets busy. When its a busy season for your, say when Christmas is coming up and you have to make sure to ship out a million orders, it's very easy to choose to neglect your social media page. Don't do this. Eventually a few days turns into a week and before you know it your fans will start dropping because people will forget about you.

Persistence Pays Off

The blogs and social media sites that end up thriving do so because there's been been effort put into it. As mentioned, advertising can help, but you can't get real fans and create brand advocates without time. There are many things you can be doing while you're advertising, but posting frequently is what you should also be doing even when you're not actively pushing an advertising campaign. It's the dieters that stick with their program that lose weight just as it's the businesses that stick to their goal of creating a thriving online community who manage to get ahead as well.

So what if the answer to this is no?

The day isn't over yet. It's very easy to make excuses, but winners put in the actual effort. Open up your text editor or your list of posting ideas and start writing up some new social media content. There's no need to write something particularly brilliant in order to justify posting something. Really, all you need to do is be genuine and speak from the heart and that passion will always shine through in whatever you decide to post about.