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Facebook Contest Idea - Best Summer Vacation Photos

Published by on 08/25/2014 |

It's that time of year again in the Earth's lonely journey around the sun. The long, warm days are fading and pretty soon we'll all be huddling around the fireplace while recovering from shoveling a driveway full snow with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and the remote (or iPad) in the other. Summer is getting closer to being over than most of us would care to admit and many colleges have even started their fall semesters already. For the younger kids most K-12 schools are buzzing with activity and getting ready to reopen. But you don't need to forget these good times, you can use them on your social media page. Try running a contest for the coolest summer vacation photos from this summer on your Facebook page.

Pretty Beach Vacation Photo By Ben124

Pick A Theme

Depending on the type of business you have, this idea may or may not be a good fit or appropriate for your page, so this probably won't work for every type of business. If you think it's not a great fit, you might be able to customize this concept for your business further by picking a specific theme or description to the submitted photos. Here are some examples and ideas you can use: you can allow people to decide between the most refreshing photo, tastiest photo, hottest photos, best selfie, weirdest photo, fastest moving and most action packed photo, best beach photos, angriest photo, trashiest photo, funniest kids photos, prettiest sunset, funniest photo, worst photo, or best nightlife photo. If you can come up with some twist on summer vacation photos that relates to your particular brand in some way, that's a good recipe for a successful contest.

beach gynmastic flips by nicksie2008

Pictures Are Awesome In Social Media

Not only can this kind of contest idea be a lot of fun for your users, but it could drive a lot of likes to your page, as well increase overall engagement. As we all know, pictures work very well in any social media setting and have the potential to drive a lot of comments, likes, and shares to just about any page. Running a contest doesn't mean that you snap your fingers and your page is loaded with quality likes. Whether you do any kind of advertising or even buy Facebook likes, it always requires some work to manage your page well, plan out and educate users about the contest, and additionally keep the page filled with great content so that the visitors that come to your page because of the photos that they see in their Newsfeed are inspired to learn more about you.

beautiful beach sunset by arpi

Thinking Seasonally

Virtually every location during every time of year in just about every country has it's own set of regional and cultural traditions, gift-giving holidays, seasonal foods, national and religious holidays, and other notable traditions. Many businesses, particularly those in retail, plan out some special contests and events during their crucial Christmas Holiday and Winter retail sales period, but don't do anything special for the summer or early fall months. This is the perfect time of year, while things are slower in many kinds of businesses, to use your time wisely and do things that many of your competitors will not go out of their way to do.