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Mix Up Your Social Media Content

Published by on 07/28/2014 |

Real life relationships can get kind of stagnant when each of the partners get comfortable, fall into a routine, and there's no sense of surprise from each other. Both people eventually get to know the other person so well that they can predict most of their actions and reactions. Obviously, you're not in a romantic relationship with your Facebook fans as a page owner, but you want to try and surprise them a little bit so that your content isn't too predictable.

There are many ways to get more likes and interaction on Facebook. As a good social media manager, you should be tracking the results you receive from the different types of posts you make and giving people more of what they want. If you're a site that has access to or creates a lot of high quality photography, you might want to try posting good quality images frequently. But despite this, you shouldn't always just post images!

Surprise People With Different Kinds Of Content

Mix up the type of content that you post on your Facebook page. If you've been posting a lot of photos, post some inside industry information once in a while. If you've frequently been posting inspirational quotes, try posting some news items with your opinion added once in a while. It's wise for a page to primarily focus on a certain type of content that the visitors want to see. But it's always wise to expose people to new content and new types of ideas.

Creating New Content Benefits Your Page

In the end, creating many different types of Facebook posts can help benefit your page. Mixing up the style of content you present on your Facebook page can help you keep up the spark that people feel when they see your business name come up in their Newsfeed. In the end, spending some time working on your content and improving the quality of your social media content can only benefit you significantly. And yes, Alpha Likes is going to take this advice into account and continue to post great unique content on a wide variety of topics as well so check back frequently - you might find some good advice for your own unique situation.