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How to Get More Likes, Comments, and Shares.

Published by on 07/14/2014 |

Every business out there wants to increase their overall levels of engagement on social media. On Facebook that means, among other things, getting more likes on your posts and photos and status updates, getting more comments on your original content, and getting people to go out of their way to share things to their own Facebook friends so your page can continue to grow. Increasing the amount of engagement you receive has many positive benefits to your Facebook page - among others helping increase your EdgeRank so that your posts shows up in peoples's News Feeds even more frequently. This article will hopefully point you to the right direction and help you get your social media energized.

What you should always be doing

It almost goes without saying, but you should frequently update your social media with interesting new posts. There is no way to get people to engage with a blank page. Ideally, the type of content that you post should be informative, visually rich, interesting, unique, compelling, entertaining, and thought-provoking. If you're not frequently posting interesting new content on your Facebook page, you're not doing it right.

Generate Engagement through Asking Questions

One underrated way to increase the number of likes, comments, and shares that your page receives is to ask your followers some great questions. While you should be sometimes posting original pieces of content that tell people how you feel about a particular industry topic that they value, you should also sometimes ask people questions about how they really feel about something. That's a good way to increase the cohesiveness of your growing community, as well as increase overall levels of engagement. Many companies want to be 100% vanilla to avoid ever offending any potential customers, but a particularly effective post may be somewhat controversial in its own right to get people to talk about it. Asking people questions helps drive traffic and results.

The Squeaky Wheel Always Gets the Grease

Another great way to get more shares on Facebook is to simply ask people. Please, don't become one of those annoying people who just asks their fans to always like and share their page in every single post. People are more likely to stop following your page if you do that. But once in a while, it makes sense to put that request out there. If people follow your page for a while and if you provide them with value and if you ask in a respectful manner, it's much more likely that you can get them to make an honest effort.

Quality Facebook Marketing And Posting Is An Unstoppable Combination

Getting people to your page is just step one of the marketing equation. You can use Facebook ads or buy Facebook likes from AlphaLikes until the cows come home to get more traffic to your fanpage, but maximizing the effectiveness of your page comes down to many of these factors. If you offer people something of value and spend some time learning about them, you’ll be in a much better position for increasing engagement, finding new customers, and achieving your overall goals.